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How It Works

It takes less than 7 minutes to signup for our Instagram bot and set up your first promotion. Automate your social media marketing by following 3 simple steps:

Sign up in a few minutes

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Adjust your activities target your audience, set daily limits, enable filters.


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Join our affiliate program and earn 20% commission from any sale you send to us.

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When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a text link to send to your connections to signup.

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You can add your signup tracking URL to your website, newsletter, search campaign, software, or anywhere else.


Login and check your sales, traffic and account balance.

Great Payouts

Commission payments can be taken out every 30 days (on the last day of the month) provided that the commission owed is more than 100 EUR.

A transaction must be 30 days old for the commission to be paid out. Submit the withdrawal requests through our Member Area > Affiliates.
When withdrawing your affiliate commission for the first time, please let us known your PayPal email address.
Minimal withdraw amount is 100 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Need answers? We got 'em.

Our program is free to join, it is easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for us and in return receive a commission payment every 30 days.

Once you signup as an affiliate on our system, you will be given a tracking URL to keep your your referrals all tracked.

Sign up for an account, log in to your Affiliate Panel to get your custom affiliate tracking URL. Place your tracking URL on your website, newsletter, ad search campaign, software, or other media and earn credit for each sale that comes from your tracking URL.

Yes – you will receive 20% recurring commission for as long as the referral continues to pay.

The commission is payable to you every 30 days if the commission owed is more than 100 EUR.

Currently, for commissions payouts, we use only PayPal due to their minimal fees which are covered by us entirely. Contact us if you require arranging other payment methods.

Login to your account and select the affiliate marketing icon to check your total referrals, commissions, balance and how much you’ve earned. It will show like this:

  • Total referrals
  • Total commissions
    1000 EUR
  • Balance
    1000 EUR
  • Earned
    1000 EUR