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Business Instagram Accounts Use Instagram Bot Follower To Build Their Brand


Because it is one of the most cost-effective ways of building your brand on Instagram. Our software can do in a day what would take you a month. Start hitting the right accounts and showcase your content to the wider Instagram community.

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There are over 200 million business accounts on Instagram.

Don’t get lost in the sea of profiles trying desperately to make an impact.

Instagram Bot Follower puts you in front of real users that make the decision to follow you.

We do the hard work for you so your product content can shine through and reach as many people as possible.

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Instagram uptake is accelerating rapidly.

There are around 800 million active monthly users on the platform.

Every day more than 20% of these users visit a business profile.

That’s an audience of 160 million people.

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Make sure you are tapping into this powerful network properly.

Let Instagram Bot Follower automate your Instagram activity and start seeing increased engagement and followers.

As long as you can showcase your business in a professional manner, and make good content, our software will do the rest.

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Grow your Instagram followers

Instagram Bot Follower allows you to quickly grow your Instagram followers with features like Auto Follow, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Unfollow, Auto DM and more.

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Auto Unfollow

Auto Comment

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Our Client Testimonials


“I have been using Instagram Bot Follower for roughly 3 months. The first month I grew by a few thousand, but the second and third month was the best - we're now at 6,700 followers.”


“Automating your Instagram account is what will get you major account growth, so if you're looking for a reliable tool to do this you've found it.”


“I've used this tool for a few months now and my Instagram account has really shot up in terms of the followers.”


“I would recommend IBF to anyone seriously considering growing their Instagram account.”


“I've grown my Instagram account very fast, within only 2 months I had 8,000 followers.”


“I started using Instagram Bot Follower 4 months ago - now I have much more engagement on my account.”

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